Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Nole Fan (who really dislikes Federer)

Us avid Nole fans, who have been following him for years now, have experienced every emotion known to man on this roller-costar ride called "being a Nole fan"...Here are my top 15 and I'm sure most of you (especially those who dislike Federer) can relate, enjoy! :)

1. When Nole beats Federer


2. When Nole losses to Federer

3. When a Federer/Nadal fan tells you 'Nole's done and will slip back to his natural place - no. 3 !'


4. When Wilander (or any commentator who doesn't respect Nole) says Rafa or Federer is the favourite against Nole


5. When you watch Nole play against Federer and you hear the commentators drooling over every winner Federer hits

6. When Nole wins the first set 6-1 and then fails to serve for the match at 6-1 5-4

7. When you find out Nole and Federer are in the same half of the draw for the 231547th time


8. After 5 hours of watching a Rafole match


9. When you watch Federer/Rafa losing early to another player or hear he has lost


10. When Nole saves a MP against Federer with an unbelievable FH winner return a.k.a 'The Shot'

11. When you hear Federer say Nole was just lucky and he believes in hard work and blah, blah, blah...


12. When you hear/read Murray is the favourite against Nole


13. When Nole dances/roars/lifts a trophy

14. When Nole takes of his shirt or we see a pic/video of him with no shirt on 

15. When Nole wins RG (hopefully):