Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Tennis New-Year's Wishes

Nole: 1. Stop giving me these, please! 

2. Give me more of this! 

3. Do this after every win! 

Federer: 1. Stop stealing other people's seats! 

2. Give someone a real compliment and not your trade-mark, the back-handed
    one, and that someone can't be yourself, sorry ;) 

3 Stop being a sore loser!

4. Please, if you can, retire at the end of the year! It's time, don't you think?

PseusoFed: Since we all know that the real Fed won't listen to me and do as I ask, you'll never run out of material so keep doing your great job and make us, non-Fedfans lol, please! :)

Murray: 1. Stop screaming this...

and doing this...

 after every point you lose, pleaaaaaaaaaase!

2. You finally won a GS so please don't cry the next time you lose in a GS final, ok? :)

3. Don't try to smash your racquet again, you're no good at it, sorry! ;)

4. Don't wear those banana pants EVER again!!!

Nadal: 1. Come back cause we all miss you, not just your fans, and we need you to scare Fed and make him cry ;)

Toni Nadal: 

Chris Bradman, Nick Lester, Simon reed, patrick Mouratoglou, Sam gore, Doug Adler and other Nolehaters: I wish you'd just shut up and go worship Fed/Murray somewhere else but I know you won't do it so...

Peter Bodo: No more articles with these, please! 

Mats Wilander: Decide who is your favourite/ GOAT already and stopping changing your mind every 5 seconds!

Eurosport's commentators: Stop talking about Federer and Murray when they're not playing, OK? We get Fed's the GOAT and every great shot is Federer-like and Murray's finally won a GS so you can shut it now, pleaaaaaaaaase! 


Janet said...

Its Janet- this doesnt always let me mlpoat under my name
Omg I am going to be sick :-))))) I just ate loads, then read this right after, thought I was going to throw up with laughing so much!! Cant chose my favourite bit, keep changing my mind ;-) I love the heart attck gif, and of course can never see the hotnole vod too many times :-P
And the grey-Fed (not tampered with ;- ) was toooo funny.. and you chose the best CBOSW pics! I love it all :-):-):-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Grey Fed is the best.


moran said...

Thanks, Janet! :D Glad you liked it and laughed and sorry it made you sick!

Alessandra DeMarco said...

Dear Moran, "Thanks", for illustrating what we No1e fans think and feel! Will it end, even in 2013, this STILL gaga for Fed routine, and No1e is "almost there" nonsense? Nope! And we're the "Haters"? What a wholly hoot!